Reviews: Move Me

“I enjoy many styles of music, but two of my favorites are smooth ethereal music and club-friendly synthpop, so it’s a special treat when these two styles are combined in the form of this album. This disc contains 10 exclusive re-mixes of tracks where the originals are available on her two previously released full-length albums. These ten tracks include re-mixes by two prominent techno/synthpop re-mixers DJ Ram and Phillip Jidbrant from Nevarakka. Along with these fun dance-friendly mixes we’re also presented with a taste of the original sound from this artist in the form of two original tracks “Poison” and “Waiting”.

I have to admit that the very first time I heard the music from Monica Schroeder was in this style of fast-paced re-mixed synthpop from the Poison single. I immediately went to check out samples of her original tracks and was hooked. So it was a great treat to hear this album featuring both the re-mixes and the original tracks. It all kicks off with the fast-paced Nevarakka remix of “Without You”. Most of these re-mixes are really great, not something that you get very often with a complete remix album. Because the re-mixes are all done by just two re-mixers, and the fact that both use very similar styles in their own music, the album remains quite homogenous in the final style after all of the mixes. What’s even more amazing is how well these fast-paced renditions mix with the original pieces.

While everybody’s own personal tastes will vary, favorites of mine on this album have quickly become those that move smoothly along in that classic synthpop style. The swooshing synths and pulsing rhythms on the first couple of tracks “Without You” and “Poison” lean toward techno and trance, but the smooth vocals and nice lyrics bring it down to earth for synth fans to really enjoy. The tempo varies with some tracks like “I Want You To Fall” which falls back into a sweet mid-tempo piece that keeps the pulsating synth loops moving along. Not all tracks are graceful or club-friendly like the remix of “Love Won’t Change” which mixes in break-beats that I have a hard time with, but the original beauty of the track smooths the rough edges a bit making it still good enough to listen to. With few exceptions as the album moves on the re-mixes get more trancey and maybe not as accessible to the general audience that would normally pick this album up, but there are few enough of these that the overall album is a real treat.

After the re-mixes we’re brought to the two original tracks “Poison” and “Waiting”. Both of these tracks sport enough of an alternative flare that the general indie and alternative audience will really enjoy it. In fact the musical style on these two tracks is broad enough I think that anyone that picks up this disc will enjoy these tracks at least as much as the re-mixes. This gives listeners a taste of Monica’s other albums and listeners should go out and pick them up.”

— 4/5, Gothic Paradise

“Move Me” is a must have for anyone who likes semi-synthpoppy electro with beautiful vocals! At times, Monica’s vocals are remincient of Sarah McLachlan, yet she still has her own sound and style. “Move Me” is very mainstream, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if I heard any of these songs on popular radio. It is a stunning album with great lyrics, cool beats, and wonderful vocal performances”.

Virus Magazine

“Thanks to A.D.D. we get the opportunity to discover one of the most hidden secrets of the Canadian synth-pop scene: Monica Schroeder! The concept of this album is quite interesting. 10 songs of 2 previous albums have been remixed and produced by DJ Ram (Virtual Server) and Nevarakka. So it becomes a kind of Canadian-Russian-Swedish collaboration. I get totally wild for the most danceable and trance pieces like “Without you” and “Poison”, starting the album in a heavenly way. We have here a marvelous cocktail of synth-pop, trance and house elements with the vocals of Monica on top!”

Side-Line Magazine

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