• First Light

    2011, Night Sky Music

    This album was really a long time coming…. no lie. I’ve been thinking of doing this album for years and it’s meant to be my own attempt at wrestling and not the wwf kind. In some ways, it’s just a continuation of all the questions that I’ve been asking in my songwriting so far – questions about love and loss and sex and hope and regret. Someone asked me recently why i decided to put out a ‘christian album’ and while i hesitated for a moment, I told them that it was basically because I was a christian and that right now, these songs were on my heart.

    Thank you to Mike and Tim and Jessica for helping to make it all work and come alive. One of my favourite parts of recording this album was biking home through the quiet streets of Toronto at 11:30pm after my nightly two hours in the studio. And my hope is that people, at least once, listen to the album in the dark, lying on the floor, using head phones – that’s how its meant to be heard.


  • So Far

    So Far

    2007, A Different Drum

    This album came out of an invitation from Todd to work on a new recording with Joey Belville of the Echoing Green. I’m not stupid – I said ‘yes’! I love that Todd presented the opportunity and I was very excited that Joey was also up for it. I flew down to New Mexico for 5 days and we hammered it out – the rest of it happened over the phone and online. A friend recently told me that the songs seem sadder, but more hopeful than my others and I think that I was influenced by moving away from the people I knew and being immersed in a big city. I have noticed that almost every song has a reference to ‘going home’. That’s not really a death wish – I was just really tired while I was writing this album.

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  • Move Me

    Move Me

    2005, A Different Drum

    This is such a cool idea! Todd at (A Different Drum) took 10 of my songs and had them Re-mixed by various producers. Production was done by: DJ Ram (Russia) & Nevarakka (Sweden). Thanks so much to everyone who worked on this project and made it sound and look as good as it does (I love the artwork)! It’s such a departure from my other recordings and I love it – I hope you do too!

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  • Orbit


    2003, Independent

    This album was a long time coming – it was percolating for about 3 years but it’s finally here. I loved the opportunity to write and record these songs and throw them into the world. I found myself writing about the desire to be open to what the world has for me and being open to sharing myself with other people. The title comes from something I read that suggested that everybody has an orbit that they long to draw others into and in return, be drawn into someone else’s orbit. Good luck with that!

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  • The Expectation of Home

    The Expectation of Home

    2000, Independent

    The title of my CD comes from the song Peace, and the idea that we go through life with its struggles and delights, in the hope of finding something in the end and getting somewhere solid. In that song, home is a medaphor for finding myself, finding comfort and becoming the person I want to be. In my head, the longer title has always been ‘Doing stuff with the expectation of getting somewhere’.

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  • The Winter Sessions

    The Winter Sessions

    2005, Unreleased

    This project was so much fun… recorded in Winnipeg over Christmas (2005) with Mike Petkau as co-producer and engineer. I had some of my favourite musicians come in as we tried to re-work some of my old songs and try a very acoustic vibe with some new ones as well. It snowed like crazy, but we were happily cocooned in the studio playing with these songs. My thanks go out to Steve, Kurt, Paul, Bill & of course Mike for all of your hard work and good company! Thank you all for putting yourselves into this project.