Reviews: The Expectation of Home

“Canadian singer/songwriter Monica Schroeder is a special artist, and her acclaimed, independently released debut, ‘The Expectation Of Home,’ is a true gem … Featuring one of the most spellbinding voices to grace Canadian music, the contemporary folk album features nine compelling original songs by the Manitoba-based performer.”

— Larry LeBlanc, Billboard Magazine

“Quality original songwriting, beautiful sparse arrangements and an unmistakably great voice make Monica Schroeder’s ‘The Expectation of Home’ one of the most impressive local recordings to come along in some time. Producer Olaf Pyttlik performs a key role here, playing a variety of instruments and striking a nearly perfect balance of sound and space. Schroeder shines confidently throughout, even when accompanied by just her acoustic guitar. She’s no slouch as a lyricist either, sad and woeful though her words may be.

Get used to hearing the name Monica Schroeder a lot more often and in the meantime, treat yourself to ‘The Expectation of Home’.”

— Chuck Molgat, Perimeter Magazine, ‘A’

“Monica’s amazing … She first sang Longing and Margo and I just looked at each other. We both realized she’s real. I’m excited when you hear somebody outstanding like that.”

– Michael Timmons, Cowboy Junkies

“Electrified, airy folk-pop in the same vein as early-period Sarah McLachlan. Schroeder, a Winkler resident, has the right vocal stuff for the ethereal, dreamy material, though tinny electronic drums occasionally break the spell. Overall, an impressive debut.”

— Winnipeg Free Press, ‘***’

“The disc knocked me out. Schroeder’s songs remind me a bit of fellow-Canadian Jann Arden, but the production of the record, with its drum loops and hints of electronica mingled subtly under occasionally muscular guitar work, surprised me with its progressive undercurrent, reminding me a bit of William Orbit’s production of Beth Orton’s first record.”

— Prism Magazine

“Folk music with an alternative beat. That’s how I would classify Monica Schroeder, although I suspect most would dispel the folk part of this Winnipeg singer’s work. You may not have heard of this lady, but for goodness sake run out and look for her release the expectation of home. The lyrics have a haunting quality – ‘I cannot be persuaded of anything that’s good – I’d rather hold the ugliness away from you .’

And the musical arrangements add to the nuisances of the mood. This lady has found a place in the shadows, has made it her home and invites the listener to join her there for a time.

Schroeder is a poet first “All we want is solace from these fears, some defence for when we close our eyes, but when we’re reaching, twisting for our goals we’re sure the only comfort is our own.”.

It’s the ability to take such abstract observations to song which make this CD so compelling.

Simply put, this CD takes you places we must all visit on occasion, and when you’re lead by this lady’s voice, you welcome the trip.”

— Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week

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