“Won’t be Home for Christmas”… (newly released track)

December 3rd, 2007

I was approached to write a Christmas song for a film and I came up with something that kind of stayed close to the themes that I like to sing about and I wrote a song called “Won’t be Home for Christmas”. I had no idea of what could possibly be said about Christmas that hadn’t already been said, so I thought about my niece and what I would say to her, knowing that I wouldn’t be making it back home for Christmas this year. When the song was submitted for the movie, I was asked if it was possible to flip the tone of the song to indicate a more positive outcome – “and can you make it more sparkly?”
Soooo….. I re-recorded the song with different lyrics and a little ‘sparkle’.

In the end, they didn’t use either track – so now I have two songs.
Home for Christmas’ – ‘Won’t be Home for Christmas’ … and you get to decide. You can go straight to itunes or you can hear them both on my CD Baby page and on my myspace site.