New Review and the WCMA’s

October 23rd, 2007

This weekend I attended the Western Canadian Music Awards in Moose Jaw, SK. I had a blast and enjoyed meeting some of the other performers nominated in the Pop category including Sheena Grobb and J.P. Hoe – we met at the party afterward and discussed plans for a pop extravaganza tour. Now, in the excitement of the evening, it’s possible that we didn’t actually talk about this and the extravaganza tour is just all in my head, but it’s a lovely thought.

Congratulations to Joel Kroeker for winning in this category – I’ve known Joel for years and I’m a big fan of his songwriting, so I want to wish him the best! I was hoping to be able to accept the award on his behalf, but he found someone else to do the honours…

I’d say my favourite performances of the weekend were Doc Walker performing with Jason Plumb and also Barney Bentall singing with his son Dustin and J.P. Hoe (who is not Barney’s son, as far as I’m aware).

To add a little dollop of cream to the weekend, Calvin Daniels at Yorkton this Week published a review of my CD. Calvin says “I can tell you Schroeder continues to mature as a singer, with a voice which is simply enjoyable to listen too. She might sing a grocery list and you would enjoy listening.“.
What a nice thing to say – I’m going to start adding that as a service on my website. For Calvin’s full review, please see my discography page.