Uncharted Waters Run Deep (Uptown Magazine)

By Anna Lazowski, March 23rd, 2000

For the second installment of the West End Cultural Centre’s Uncharted Music Series, co-presented with CKUW FM, CBC Radio One Winnipeg and Uptown Magazine, programmers decided to look no further than the local scene.

The idea behind the Uncharted shows is to promote up-and-coming musical talent, and WECC spokesman Paul Nolin feels Monica Schroeder, Karen Kosowski and Sarah-Lynne Otsuji embody that. “These are three young women who are doing very well for themselves in the local scene. Karen is very good at marketing herself. Monica is succeeding on a grassroots level, and we think people need to see her. Sarah-Lynne is doing well in a different world; she’s one half of the band, Suture.”

Though Nolin is convinced these artists should share the same bill, the musicians themselves are quite flattered by the invitation. Base in Winkler, Schroeder has been playing locally in support of her CD, The Expectation of Home. Though audiences may be used to seeing Schroeder play solo, the Uncharted date will see her in a different role – fronting a band. “I have my keyboardist and bassist, and a drummer who plays with the Hummers and this is our first time playing together.”

For Schroeder, this is a welcome chance to deflect some of the attention she feels as a solo performer. “I feel like I’m a part of the audience listening. I like blending into the group, I like a little less attention and I like the feeling of playing off each other and hearing something really cool.”

While Otsuji will be taking the stage as a solo act, Kosowski will be taking the stage with a backing band and premiering some new material. Invited to play he show while negotiating a concert date with the WECC, Kosowski says this type of event is exactly what Winnipeg’s musical community needs. “I think Winnipeg can use a little bit more of this kind of stuff,” she says, praising the sense of community.”

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